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Raid for Exchange 2007 and Hardware selection

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  • Raid for Exchange 2007 and Hardware selection


    I would like to start by making clear that I am not an Exchange guru. I work
    for a small but very busy company as one of the System Admins. I need some
    input on possible storage designs and hardware selection for Exchange 2007
    migration. I am in the process of getting quotes from our server vendor and
    want to make sure I order the right stuff.

    We are not into spending 20K on a server, but if we need to spend 12-15K to
    get the best performance, we'll be able to justify the amount.

    We currently have about 50 employees and 120 mailboxes. Our average
    sent/received is 30/120. We currently have a quota of 3GB per mailbox and
    some member of management have 6GB. The average message size is 200KB but it
    can go up to 50MB or even more some times.

    We are not planning on having an edge server or using the UM role, so the CAS,
    HUB and Mailbox roles are going to reside on the same box.

    I have a few questions about the partition design and array sets:

    I know is recommended to have the exchange logs, system partition and
    databases on their own separate disks.

    Is a design like this a good design or can it be improved?

    1 Raid 1 set for OS (2 x 146GB)
    1 Raid 10 set for Logs ( 4 x 146)
    1 Raid 10 set for DBs (6 x 146)

    I am planning, and I am opened to other ideas, to create 2 storage groups and
    put a database on each SG that way I can place 60 users on one DB and 60 user
    on another DB.

    Should I create two LUNs on the DB Raid 10 disk set, one for each SG?

    The same question applies to the Logs. Should I create a LUN for each db


    Should I create 4 disk sets and isolate the DBs and Logs for each SG.

    What about the TEMP folder? Should I create a LUN for it?

    Also, am I going to need multiple Raid controller to be able to create
    multiple types of array sets?
    Ex. Raid 1, 10, etc. on the same server.

    Currently I'm looking at a Dell PowerEdge T710 with this specs as an option
    and would like to know your opinion about it.

    -2 Intel® Xeon® E5630 2.53Ghz, 12M Cache,Turbo, HT, 1066MHz Max Mem (Quad
    -16GB of memory
    -the chassis can hold up to 16 HDs.
    -If I need to go with 16 146GB 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 6Gbps 2.5in my
    quote still under 14K which is OK if I have to.

    Your help will be really appreciated.


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    Re: Raid for Exchange 2007 and Hardware selection

    my take is, your RAID10 array for DB won't give you enough space for the long term.

    120 mailboxes at 3GB each is 360GB.

    6*146/2=438. Leaves you with around 100GB on that volume - around 20%. What if you have a sudden influx of new users, or management decide to increase the mailbox size ?
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      Re: Raid for Exchange 2007 and Hardware selection

      So what would you do? Can you provide some recommendations?
      They will be really appreciated.

      Also, I have some other questions on the same post, if you can answer or comment on those too, it would be great.


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        Re: Raid for Exchange 2007 and Hardware selection

        I think four disks for the transaction logs is a bit of an overkill with this amount of users.

        2x disks in RAID1 for the OS.
        2x disks in RAID 1 for the logs.

        If the chassis can take lots of hard disks then I would be using RAID 1 pairs as required for the databases. You can have 4 databases on a standard edition of Exchange 2007.

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