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Exchange 2010 Rename Question

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  • Exchange 2010 Rename Question

    Hey guys, long time viewer here but its my first post.

    Im in a situation where im migrating from our current 2007 exchange to a new 2010 exchange server I have built. Everything went well with the install, and I have moved severla users mailboxes to test.
    I have just been told that we need to change the 2010 server name to a new naming convention. Can this be done? As this server only has a few mailboxes and the 2007 server is still the main box. Any thoughts ideas? If I backup the mailboxes and uninstall the new 2010 exchange box will it affect anything from the 2007 ex server?


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    Re: Exchange 2010 Rename Question

    You can't rename an Exchange server. You will need to move the mailboxes to another server (moving them back to the Ex2007 should be fine) and then remove Exchange 2010, rename the server, and then reinstall Exchange 2010 again.
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      Re: Exchange 2010 Rename Question

      You can rename an Exchange server - but the server will not be functional afterwards.

      Your best option is to build a new server and then migrate everything across. If you then want to use the original server, remove Exchange and rebuild it.
      The database files etc are all sensitive to the machine name.

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