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Another Outlook Anywhere (exchange 2007) thread

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  • Another Outlook Anywhere (exchange 2007) thread

    I have covered just about every post on the internet it seems about troubleshooting Outlook Anywhere and still, 4 weeks later, I don't have a working OA.

    This is what I have setup now.

    Windows Server 2008 with Exchange 2007 SP2 (rollup 2)
    Mailbox, Client Access, Hub Transport all on same server
    OWA is working, active-sync is working. gives me an error pinging exchange information store (port 6001) on server.domain (error 1818 (ox71a) RPC_S_Call_Cancelled)

    I have a UCC cert from digicert containing server,server.domain,autodiscover.extended_domain,

    **Extended domain example, extended is peanutbutter, domain is pb**

    My current setup has an edited host file like this: localhost
    IP server
    IP server.domain

    RPCProxy Validports : server:6001-6002;server.domain:6001-6002;server:6004;server.domain:6004

    Test-Outlookwebservices |fl completes successfully

    RPCPing works when just pinging the rpcserver, add the exchangeserver and it fails.

    The upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2007 was made gradually and outlookanywhere was working when using the proxy settings for 03 while 03 was still running, but once 03 was shutdown all hell broke loose.

    I have answers for everything asked in other forums and still no solution and honestly think I have tried try me.

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    Re: Another Outlook Anywhere (exchange 2007) thread

    This feature either works, or it doesn't. No middle ground. The only reason that has caused me problems in the past is the IPv6 bug, which it is claimed was resolved in a previous rollup, but isn't always.

    Otherwise call Microsoft.
    If you have spent lots of time on this then the cost of the call to Microsoft will be worth it.

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