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Exchange 2010 - Decommissioning 2007

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  • Exchange 2010 - Decommissioning 2007


    I replaced a single server 2007 installation with cas and mailbox 2010 servers.

    Now it is time to shut down the old server. I pointed the client settings on the new exchange 2010 databases to the new public folder database.
    Before uninstalling 2007 i thought i would leave it shut off for a few days first.
    I did that, now some users are unable to schedule meetings, and every time they reboot their PC and start Outlook, they are prompted for a password.
    When checking Outlook conenction status, i also notice it tried to connect to public folders on the new server, and after a while it just fails and stops. That might be the reason it asks for password?
    When the old mail server is online, there dosent seem to be any issue connecting to public folder on the new one.

    Anyway, i have been at this for a few weeks without comming closer to a solution, if anyone have any ideas it would be very much appriciated.
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    Re: Exchange 2010 - Decommissioning 2007

    Did you replicate all of the public and system folder data to the new server?
    It sounds like you haven't.

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