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Exchange 2010 - Outlook can only open 8 other users' calendars

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  • Exchange 2010 - Outlook can only open 8 other users' calendars

    I have a company that I moved to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003 recently. The old Exchange 2003 server has been removed from the organization. They have 30 mailboxes on a single server.

    In this office there is one person who coordinates meetings, decides who uses what conference room for a given meeting, etc. She has full access to all of the other users' mailboxes. With Exchange 2003 she could access all of the other users' calendars simultaneously and would view them in overlay mode in Outlook 2003 and/or Outlook 2007.

    With Exchange 2010 she can only view the first 8 calendars she clicks on. If she tries to open a 9th calendar Outlook responds with the error message "The set pf folders could not be opened."

    I don't believe it to be a rights issue as she can open any 8 calendars upon first running Outlook. To access any others she has to uncheck one or more of the calendars previously selected, exit Outlook, restart Outlook and select different users calendars.

    This is only happening with Exchange 2010 - I've tested it on my Exchange 2007 server and another client's Exchange 2003 server and one can open as many other users calendars as there are.

    Is this a known limitation of Exchange 2010 or a new bug? Any workarounds?
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