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Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

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  • Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

    Hi there,

    We're having a nightmare with some PCs on a new install. Originally we had about 15 causing problems. Some have gone away with updates, some haven't.

    By running Outlook /rpcdiag I can see the difference between machines that work and machines that don't.

    When you initially open up Outlook 2007 and start to configure the profile, Outlook queries the directory to find the Exchange server details.

    When it works, this query (tagged with the type "Directory") goes to our DC and the autocomplete works fine.

    When it doesn't work, Outlook attempts to query our Exchange server with the Directory query and is unable to find the autocomplete details. We are then unable to get past a login prompt where Outlook is issuing the directory query to the Exchange box.

    This is really confusing us. We have a few scenarios.

    User 1 cannot access Exchange from PC1.
    User 2 cannot access Exchange from PC1.
    User 2 can access Exchange from her allocated PC (let's call it PC2)
    User 1 cannot access Exchange from PC2.
    User 3 can access Exchange from PC3
    User 2 can access Exchange from PC3
    User 1 cannot access Exchange from PC3.

    So it seems like we have a user in that User 1 cannot access their mailbox from any PC.
    But at the same time it seems like a PC issue because no users can access their mailbox from PC1.

    User 1's profile was initially created on PC1 however it has been trashed and recreated from PC2 and still cannot access Exchange.

    We want to export User 1's mailbox to a pst but we can't get to Outlook to do so and our server is 64 bit so we can't use the export cmdlet...

    We have unlinked the user from the mailbox, deleted the user and recreated it in Active Directory. No change.

    We have unlinked the user from the mailbox, created and new mailbox and still no change!
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    Re: Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

    This is getting more and more frustrating.

    Some newly created users are working.

    Others aren't.

    We've tried creating new users fresh or by copying an existing user that does work..


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      Re: Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

      Are there any other networking issues?
      IMHO I would start with a low level look at name resolution and make sure DNS is working perfectly, then look in more detail into Exchange
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        Re: Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

        We've done all of this.

        DNS, dcdiag, DHCP. All of the PCs resolve names properly and we can't find any problems anywhere.

        I am fairly certain that there is an issue somewhere with Exchange authentication seen as we are having problems with Blackberries authenticating through owa and Outlook connecting directly.

        Thing is most of my experience is with SBS 2003. This Exchange was migrated from an SBS 2003 box by a level 5 BT engineer and unfortunately it was one of the only things done whilst I wasn't there watching so I have no clue how he set the thing up. I only know that he spent ages mucking around with the prerequisites and used the move mailbox tool to get the mailboxes over.

        Now the BT engineer is gone and we're left with this. We've had two level 5 BT engineers, two level 3 BT Engineers and myself testing everything we can think of since Saturday. The staff start turning up here at about lunchtime and I'm now on my own!

        I'm wondering about calling in Microsoft to look at it..


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          Re: Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

          If the installation was done by a third party then the third party needs to be brought back in to resolve the issue. If they cannot, then they can pay for the Microsoft call.

          Is this SBS or full product?
          If SBS, then ensure that the repair my network wizard is run and completes successfully.

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            Re: Some Outlook 2007 PCs unable to locate DC

            The whole project was a bit of a mess. The company signed a contract with BT local business to have the whole thing done by January. Two weeks ago we raised concerns about the complete lack of any technical planning on the job and took over a significant portion of the job.

            As it stands, BT were left to supply the hardware/software and they were going to do the migration from the old 2003 SBS server to the new setup (4 64 bit 2008 servers).

            I've been busy cleaning up all the other problems so haven't spent more than half an hour looking into the Outlook problem. Another of our engineers came in and had a look at it himself.

            Apparently the issue seems to stem from Office 2007 SP2 as installed through WSUS. If we uninstall Office and reinstall (OEM preinstallation kit) the problem remains. If we then manually install SP2 from a pen drive and run windows update, the problem goes away.

            When I suspected a user/exchange issue I was going off the diagnostics information supplied by the BT engineers which was confusing things. Our new engineer was brought in from a fresh perspective to start diagnostics from scratch and came to a different conclusion.

            So lesson learned, don't rely on what other people tell you

            Thanks for the replies.