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Exchange 2010 not sending email to outlook, no email in owa

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  • Exchange 2010 not sending email to outlook, no email in owa

    Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to Exchange and had only messed with it pre-2003 so I'm sure it's probably something I'm missing/doing wrong here.

    I swapped my MX records to point to my static IP at the office where the exchange server is sitting so I could test functionality. My local exchange domain is domain.local and my actual email domain is I've made the authoritative domain, and set a new default email address rule for instead of the normal domain.local that would automatically be there.

    Now....I have what I think are good send/receive connectors as well. I have two users set up (I and another user that I knew was a heavy emailer) to test with. Each user, while the MX records were changed, could send email out without a problem (except to a few domains that didn't have the DNS update yet I'm assuming, for example, the mailbox could send to gmail and have it arrive immediately, but I still haven't received any email in a hotmail account I was using in this test, and my wife's exchange at her office could send/receive to our domain fine).

    The mailbox properties for both mailboxes show that, for example, the heavy user has/had (I say had only because we changed the MX back for the time being, however it still technically says they have these items in the mailbox) 9 items in the mailbox at 16KB total. I'm sure that includes sent email as well, however I only sent 4, so there should have been 5 new email in the mailbox if I'm reading that correctly.

    When I connect to OWA or outlook with that user's account, I see nothing in the mailbox however. So the properties show that there are items there, but the only items I see are the sent items, there's no new outside email showing up (send/receive says it worked fine in outlook with no errors of course).

    I feel like I'm missing something small, but I just don't know what it is exactly, and I'm sure with something like this it's going to vary by instance, so instead of searching the internet over fruitlessly today like I did yesterday, I'm going to hope someone can help point me in the right direction.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort beforehand!

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    Re: Exchange 2010 not sending email to outlook, no email in owa

    I forgot to mention....I'm not using edge transport, only hub.

    I have the server connected to my firewall, with the firewall connected to a bridged DSL router (which of course means the firewall has the public static address).


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      Re: Exchange 2010 not sending email to outlook, no email in owa

      The default configuration of Exchange 2010 doesn't allow for external email from the Internet to be received. You need to enable anonymous authentication on the Receive Connector.

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