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  • Add items to OWA top bar

    Due to the way that Microsoft have changed how you access a shared calendar through OWA I need some help.

    On EX2000 to look at a shared calendar, a user just had to add to the end of the OWA url /username/calendar and this works fine

    However in EX2007 the user has to do this: /[email protected]/?cmd=contents&f=calendar something they is not easy to remember.

    Now we have some devs in house, who do and C# programming, and we were looking at inserting a box, where a user types a user name in, clicks search and a new window opens showing the calendar of that user.

    However I need to work out how to add the box in the top header of OWA as in the pic attached.

    Is it possible to edit that? Is there another way to access a shared calendar? I know about the open another user mailbox option but that only works if a user has full access to another users mailbox, something which we do not allow.


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