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Autodiscover and related issues!

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  • Autodiscover and related issues!

    I'm struggling to properly configure the Exch2007 autodiscover service on our new deployment. Will the autodiscover service affect out of office, free/busy and OAB functionality? I'm unable to see any free/busy or configure the out of office via OL2007....but it works fine via OWA. Currently, i'm still in a exch2003/2007 environment, with no mboxes being hosted on the old 2003 system. I've replicated all public folders and installed an SSL ticket for OWA access on the 2007 box. I've also successfully configured Outlook anywhere to work via internet. I'm stuck on Offline address book, Free-busy and Out of office functionality not working via OL client.

    I've also got a ticket open w/MSFT to address a Micrsoft Activesync issue where iphones can connect successfully, but the server will not push any data to them. I get logs in IIS stating something about Device not provisioned.

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    Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

    1. Follow this KB:

    Make sure you set InternalURL and ExternalURL's


    Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity "CAS_Server_Name\EWS (Default Web Site)" -InternalUrl

    Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity "CAS_Server_Name\EWS (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl

    Are you using 3rd party certificate example GoDaddy or Verisign?

    Do a Test-Email Autoconfiguration on outlook 2007 client and let us know the results.

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      Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

      I am using godaddy with common name and 4 sub names...

      I noticed you set your internal/external to the same FQDN? Is this correct?

      I will respond to the rest a bit later..


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        Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

        Test 1 is from within the LAN and appeared to succesfully connect to autodiscover...once outside the LAN...the tests failed. It appears I will need to have an DNS A record for users to be able to utilize autodiscover from outside the org. The internal test connects to our FQDN internal this is logical.

        I do have other strange things occuring that i think are all interelated....
        • OOF not functioning in OL2007
        • FREE/BUSY time not populating when trying to view others schedules
        • TEST-EXCHANGEWEBSERVICES fails on the server with a server error....I actually stumbled on a reallly hot topic related to an framework incompatibility...but the KB they stated to look for is not installed on my 2008 SErver.
        • Microsoft Active Sync not working. I can succesfully authenticate, but no data flowing to device.
        • Had issues with Offline Address Book...rebuilt and unchecked distribute via web and my SYNC issues are gone.
        My original post issue is now gone as well, I've re-submitted to Go daddy for a mutli domain SSL listing my other service dns entries to cover internal/external. Still playing clean up with all the services.

        Oh yeah...OWA is functioning just fine with a re-direct in place via IIS7.


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          Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

          I don't know why the above poster has said to adjust the ews directory, as that has no part to play in the autodiscover process.

          Autodiscover is related to the availability service, which deals with Out of the Office, free busy etc. Therefore get one to work, so does the other.
          Furthermore, if the clients are members of the domain, then the autodiscover information comes out of the domain.
          Your SAN/UC certificate should contain at least the server's internal NETBIOS and FQDN. Autodiscover will then do the rest.

          Right click on the Outlook icon while holding CTRL. Choose Test EMail Autoconfiguration. De-select the second and third options. Then run the test. That will show you what Outlook is trying to do.

          One of the major reasons this fails is that (where is your domain after the @ in your email address) resolves to an external host name. This confuses Outlook.

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            Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

            Problems resolved....Had a corrupt IIS7 directory which required rebuild of directory + rebuild of .asp configuration. Spent 5 hours on the phone with MSFT support to resolve.

            Also purchased a UCC cert and attached several subdomains that fixed other cert issues. Lots to learn and sometimes the only way to learn is to break it first.


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              Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

              Hello Jim,

              It was my pleasure to assist you with your Exchange ActiveSync issue. I am providing you with a summary of the key points of the case for your records. If you have any questions please feel free to call me; my contact information is listed below.

              Based on our last communication, it appears that this case is ready to be closed. If this is premature or if you need additional assistance with this case 110033155763337 please let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will close this case at the close of business on 1st April 2010.

              Exchange ActiveSync not working- http 403.2 Read access is denied

              Number of Exchange servers:2
              1-Exchange 2003 Sp2
              1-Exchange 2007 Sp1
              Certificate:Godaddy (SAN certificate)
              Windows 2008 server SP2
              Mobile: phone
              Server Name:CECEXCHANGE
              Firewall: Sonic Wall

              Removed redirection from Default web site
              Removed Web.config file from Active sync directory
              Deleted & Recreated Activesync virtual directory
              Reregistered 2.0 using command- %SYSTEMROOT%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ aspnet_regiis.exe -i
              Added Web.config file in to Active sync directory
              Able to sync Mobile phones successfully

              Related Knowledge Base Articles:

     - Certificate Use in Exchange Server 2007

     - Error message when you try to log on to Exchange 2007 by using Outlook Web Access: "440 Login Timeout"

              Thank you for choosing Microsoft!


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                Re: Autodiscover and related issues!

                Below is the final response from MSFT regarding the resolution.