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Exchange 2007 and decomissioning Exchange 2003

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  • Exchange 2007 and decomissioning Exchange 2003

    Hi to all,

    Yesterday i made a migration from an exchange server 2003 - W2003 x86 to an Exchange server 2007 - W2008 x64. The send/receive email works fine.

    The installation have been made whitout any errors. I've installed one CAs, one HUB and one MAIL server.

    Once the installation had finished, il move the users mailbox from the EXch-2003 to the Exch-2008 server. Some passed easily with the wizard, others (the biggest one) with the wizzard by one-by-one and one mailbox by command-line. So all the mailboxes are now hosted by the Exch-2008 MAIL server.

    I move the public folder too. No error messages at all.

    I uninstall the front-end server. Fine, non problem.

    When i tried to unistall the backend server, the nightmare began. I was unable to uninstall the beckend Exch2003 server. the error message is (in a more or less good translation) "Exchange Server component Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Service couldn't be suppress: one or more users are using a mailbox on this server". Therefore, i can't find what's going on. Any idea that could help me ?

    I take a look on the publicfolder. Some parts of the publicfolder were still linked to the old Exch2003 server. I add the Exch2008 server as a replica, foced the replica and then suppress the Exch2003 in the replica list. Not sure that's the good thing to do

    On the Exch2007 side, i got an error if i try to actualize the information f the public folder. The error is about a lack of rights to do a specific command. An idea of what's the reason ?



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    Re: Exchange 2007 and decomissioning Exchange 2003

    The error means what it says.
    There is a mail enabled user account on the server which hasn't been moved.
    Remember that Exchange doesn't create the mailbox until it is required, therefore if the account hasn't been used it will not appear in ESM, but will be seen by Exchange. You need to find that and move it or mail disable it. There are various techniques for doing this, I have one here:

    There are a few more steps to do before decommissioning the Exchange 2003 server, which you don't seemed to have mentioned.

    Ensure that you have completed all of the steps in this Technet article.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 and decomissioning Exchange 2003


      Thank you for the answer.

      In theory i do all what is need for decommissioning the Exch2003 server. Tomorrow, I'll read and follow the information in the links you give me. I think i'll have to take a closer look to the disactivated account or something like that, and as i'm not the administrator of the site i had to seek and not only search for what have been done on exch2003.