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Exchange 2007 & Iphone 3GS

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  • Exchange 2007 & Iphone 3GS


    I have SBS 2008 setup, I wish to sync my iphone with my exchange email.

    I can connect via and https://ipaddress/owa on a browser

    I have a self cert certificate

    When I have setup the iphone it will not connect to server,

    Details entered

    Email: [email protected]
    Username: fred
    Password: .........

    On entering this, it says unable to verify Certificate, I press Accept,

    Details then entered:


    then next, and it reads exchange account verification failed, I have installed the self cert on the phone also.

    Some forums say that you have to purchase a SSL Cert and other don't so at present going round in circles

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: Exchange 2007 & Iphone 3GS

    Have you setup a CA and issued a certificate to the OWA site? If you have then it should work, if you are using the self-signed certificate then that isn't a supported configuration.

    It's the Root Cert you need to install on the phone though, so that your phone trusts all certificates issued by it, which would include the Web Server certificate issued to OWA.
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      Re: Exchange 2007 & Iphone 3GS

      I can access emails via no problem there, so I assume the cert is installed, unless I have to purchase one to be installed on the server, I thought the self issued cert would work with SBS 2008

      I have installed the self cert on the iphone and it lists it under profiles and contains root cert