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Phantom local users after removing domain

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  • Phantom local users after removing domain

    After help from SEMBEE removing multiple default Email Address Policies in a recent posting (in order to remove a moved domain) and all seemed to be working okay, but a reboot of the server has created a problem.

    We needed to remove a domain from the Exch2007 server because it was no longer part of the organisation. This was done by removing the EAP and the accepted domain. All seemed fine - users from inside the organisation could email users at the removed domain (now running on a different server on a different site) successfully. After the reboot when users inside the org try and email users on the moved org it bounces.


    The organisation domain is called org.local and the moved domain is User inside org.local sends an email to [email protected]. NDR says delivery has failed to [email protected]. Somewhere in there it still thinks the user exists on the AD domain although the whole OU for that domain has been removed from the AD Users & groups.

    Can anybody tell me where I should be looking please?


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    Re: Phantom local users after removing domain

    Two causes to this.

    1. The email address is still on the user account. They are not removed automatically.
    2. The user is select the address from their nicknames file (the drop down list) or has a Contact in their personal address book that has that email address on it. Due to the way that Exchange works in the background, selecting anything that was in the cache and/or contacts before will not be sent outside.

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      Re: Phantom local users after removing domain

      Thanks Simon,

      The user account has been deleted from the domain - so I must assume that it is a local problem - cache or contacts.

      Appreciate all your help on this.