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Exchange 2007 and Lotus 6.5 Coexistence... Is it possible?

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  • Exchange 2007 and Lotus 6.5 Coexistence... Is it possible?

    Hit another bump in the road during our Pilot test for our Exchange 2003 - 2007 Transition.

    Our current setup is a FE/BE Exchange 03 environment using the latest Lotus connector from the MS to allow a MAPI connection between both systems.

    It's been like this the past two years with no issues. I hate the fact it's setup this way, but our helpdesk uses GWI for ticketing and we haven't moved to a new version in a while.

    Long story short, we moved a few users onto the 2007 environment (about 40) and while we can all receive emails from Lotus with issues at all. However, we have a contact setup in 2003 ([email protected]***.com) that users send service tickets to. No one in the 07 environment is able to send email to that address ( or any with a Notes address for that matter). The message is bounced back undeliverable by the 2003 OWA server at the current OWA2003-OWA2007 connector.

    Is there anything we can do to allow the communication to flow both ways? Or are we going to be forced to ditch our Notes GWI system?

    Thanks much!