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Setting up SMTP for Exchange 2010

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  • Setting up SMTP for Exchange 2010

    Hello All,

    I have been playing around with setting up exchange 2010 in our lab and am having some issues with the SMTP portion. I have never setup exchange before and can't seem to figure out where we are failing on sending email.

    We have an ISP that hosts our mail SMTP service that we currently use. We want to be able to point our mail clients to our exchange server and then have the exhcnage server point to the which is the hosting company's SMTP server. We are able to receive email on the exchange side when we change our MX record table to point to our exchange box instead of the address.

    Any pointers on if we should be using a SMTP relay service locally on the exchange box? Or maybe some articles on the easiest way to go about configuring exchange 2010 and to harness the hosting company's SMTP service.


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    Re: Setting up SMTP for Exchange 2010

    Have you configured a send and recieve connector under the hub transport? Additionally if you need to relay via a service provider point the "send" connector to the ISP.


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      Re: Setting up SMTP for Exchange 2010

      It should be configured pretty much straight out of the box.
      Send Connector will be required.

      This was written for Exchange 2007 - the process is almost identical for Exchange 2010.

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