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Read receipts don't work internally

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  • Read receipts don't work internally

    Windows 2003 standard, 12 servers, two are DC's and one is our Exch 2007 Standard Ed server.

    In Outlook 2007, under options I can check Request a read receipt for this message, but nothing happens when the e-mail is delivered to the end user. Internally only. It does work for external domains.

    I've checked my Exch server and under Oganizaiont config, Hub trans, remote domain, the option is checked...

    any thoughts on why this doesn't work internally????

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    Re: Read receipts don't work internally

    does this happen with all users ?

    becuase i know i conciously and deliberately turned off my "send read receipt" options in outlook, just for myself.. (and then my manager had the hide to say i wasn't reading his emails..)
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      Re: Read receipts don't work internally

      not sure TehCamel, but I believe I fixed it...

      in Outlook, Tools, Options, e-mail options, tracking optioins, I checked Read Receipt. Then sent out a test message to another user. Now by keeping this option on this will send out a read receipt for every e-mail I create, which is not wht I want to do. I then went back and unchecked the option.

      Created a new e-mail, then under option I selected read receipt and now it works properly...

      so who knows...I've tested it with a few more users and now they can receive read receipts properly.

      I also disabled our Legal disclaimer under Transport rules, so that too could have been somehow blocking the read receipts. I will enable it later on in the day and see if the read receipts work or not...crazy!
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        Re: Read receipts don't work internally

        problem still exists...ugh!


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          Re: Read receipts don't work internally

          ok this simple MS OFFICE 2007 read receipt option only works for a few of my users.

          if I ask other users to send a test e-mail the read receipt doesn't work, others do...unreal. Very frustrating not to mention.

          I did howerver enable DO NOT ASK to send read receipts on my GPO and that works.