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Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007

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  • Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007


    I have 2 exchange servers running Exch 2007 SP2.

    One of the servers has Client Access, Hub and Mailbox roles (with 2 storage groups) and the other server has just Mailbox (250 average use mailboxes, one storage group)

    Following Microsoft guidelines we have allocated these machines with 8GB RAM each. Since their inception these servers have not utilised the RAM allocation and we would like to claw back some of the RAM.

    My questions are:

    - How will Exchange cope with the RAM decrease from 8GB to 5GB?
    - Should RAM be decreased in smaller decrements?
    - Am i wasting my time?



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    Re: Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007


    how did you allocate the ram for your server?

    You can say you need minimum for your hub and client access server 2gb ram.

    For Mailbox Role you need 2 GB + 3,5 mb per mailbox.
    In your case I think 2048 mb + (250 *3,5 mb) = 2923 mb ram for your stand alone mailbox server... round about 3 GB.

    How much mailboxes do you use on your CAS, HUB and Mailbox server?

    My calculation is very theoretical
    But I think 5 GB ram for each server would be enough.


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      Re: Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007

      Following the guidelines on this page:

      ...and at the bottom of the page:

      Guidance and limitations similar to the Mailbox server role apply to multiple server role configurations. To accommodate the Client Access and Hub Transport server roles on the same server as the Mailbox server role, the recommended base memory configuration is 8 GB. Memory guidance based on mailbox count and profile is the same as the Mailbox server role. The recommended maximum amount of memory is 32 GB.

      All i need to know is whether Exchange 2007 will mind me decreasing RAM.




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        Re: Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007


        Any comments welcome


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          Re: Memory Allocation - Exchange 2007

          Exchange should use all of the RAM that is available to it. If it not, then that can indicate a problem with the server. Is it fully patched?

          Rather than use the broad guides, I would suggest that you use the configuration spreadsheet which is available from the Exchange team blog. That will give you an indication of the configuration required for your use.

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