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Exchange 2007 Licensing

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  • Exchange 2007 Licensing


    well... I am not sure... not for 100%, only 98 %

    We use 4 Exchange Server.
    2 Enterprise Server
    2 Standard Server

    Contains the exchange server 2007 Entprise 25 CALs?
    I have 50 CALs with my entprise Server

    Same question for standard Server ... each 5 CALs?
    So 10 CALs for Exchange standard ...
    Roundabout 60 CALs!?

    Is it right?
    Now this CALs I can count to my other additonal CALs that I bought?


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    Re: Exchange 2007 Licensing

    Please be aware enterprise CALs offer more features than standard -- e.g. managed folders
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      Re: Exchange 2007 Licensing

      Yes I know.

      Ah ... it means our exchange enterprise license with user CALs are enterpise user cals?

      For example:
      We bought 500 standard CALs.
      With our 2 exchange standard server we have 10 user CALs more.
      510 standard CALs.
      Than 50 user CALs from our enterprise server are enterprise CALs.

      So ... I have 460 standard CAls and 50 enterprise CALs.
      Is it right?


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        Re: Exchange 2007 Licensing

        I don't think that the CALs bound to your EE Exchange server lizenz are also Enterprise CALs unless it is stated as such at the invoice.

        Enterprise CALs are only on top of standard CALs, this means in order to use basic Exchange functionality (like mail, calendering and so on) you need the standard CAL, enterprise CALs offers additonal functionality like Voice Messaging and so on.


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          Re: Exchange 2007 Licensing

          First - no one on this site is qualified to answer licencing questions. Only Microsoft can do that. Therefore for a definitive answer you need to ask Microsoft.

          The CAL for Exchange has nothing to do with the version of Exchange that you are using. You can use Standard CALs with Enterprise and Enterprise CALs with Standard.
          However all deployments of Exchange require standard CALs and Enterprise CALs are additional purchases.

          Therefore if you have 60 mailboxes you need at least 60 standard CALs and then will need to have 60 Enterprise CALs. Having 60 of each does NOT give you 120 CALs.

          Everything I have said above is of no value to you, because I am not Microsoft. Call Microsoft, get the answer in writing.

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            Re: Exchange 2007 Licensing

            Well... thanks!
            But I think you didn't understand me.
            Ok, my english isn't very well but I thought I explained it understandably
            Ok ... it doesn't matter.

            I know the difference between standard and enterprise CALs.

            They are standard CALs and done!

            Microsoft licenses management is complicated.
            It's easier to install an exchange CCR cluster and migrating from LoNo to exchange as managing MS licences.