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Contacts in a Hosted Exchange 2007

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  • Contacts in a Hosted Exchange 2007

    Hi all,

    first of all let me say to you that this site is great !!!
    Thx for sharing your knowledge here !!!

    I'm a system engineer in a hosting company, and i'm currently building an Exchange 2007 infrastructure for giving us a new product for our costumers.

    Since we are a French company, we don't use the Microsoft pre-built Hosted product, because it's only in english, and we don't want to have errors with special chars, as always .

    So all the infrastructure is hand-made (a lot of powershell hehe)

    I've one question.

    How could we manage the contacts, since we want these things :

    - CompanyX contacts are not the same that CompanyY contacts
    - [email protected] could be a contact for CompanyX and CompanyY, but can't be the same object in active directory
    - Since we we want that these contacts are available into the Offline Address Book and OWA, we will put these contacts into the dedicated Company Global AddressList

    I've read some articles about proxyaddresses and targetaddresses (sample :, but with this, if i put a false proxyaddress into the contacts objects, external users can not reply to this email address.

    Have you got some solutions ?

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    Re: Contacts in a Hosted Exchange 2007

    I assume that when you say Contacts, you're referring to the Address Lists. Here's an article to give you some insight:


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      Re: Contacts in a Hosted Exchange 2007

      Thx for your response.

      But no, i dont talk about address lists, just email enabled contacts (external users) which can be added with the new-mailcontact cmdlet

      The main goal of a shared addressbook is to share the contacts email addresses. But since Exchange stores all with its primarySMTPAddress and it needs to be unique.

      But we can guess that one day, costumerX will have a [email protected] and that costumerY wants to add a new guy he just know and want to add him into the GAL and do a new-mailcontact with same primarySMTPAddress.

      For now, i'm using another thing :

      creation of contact for costumerX :
      New-MailContact -Name "contact1" -ExternalEmailAddress "[email protected]" -PrimarySmtpAddress "[email protected]"

      then i change the showinAddressBook value to put it into the costumerX GAL

      When costumerY wants the same contact :
      New-MailContact -Name "contact1" -ExternalEmailAddress "[email protected]" -PrimarySmtpAddress "[email protected]"

      Unfortunately, Exchange successfully sends the mail to the ExternalEmailAddress, but puts the reply address to the primarySMTPAddress
      (WHY this Microsoft guys ??? )

      Or maybe could i use a home made transport rule ? routing rule ?

      Is it possible with the addressrewriting cmdlets on the Edge server ?
      (for now even these cmdlets ( Get-AddressRewriteEntry for sample )
      are unknown even on the Edge server, don't know why)


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        Re: Contacts in a Hosted Exchange 2007

        Hi again,

        I solved the problem by doing this :

        Store the contacts with these AD attibutes
        primarySMTPAddress : [email protected]
        targetAddress : [email protected]
        showinaddressbook :,CN=.......

        then i wrote a custom transportagent in Visual C#
        which scans the To and CC recipients and with a RegEx removes the and puts into the real SMTPAddress into the mail.

        Advantages :
        - multiples companies can have same contacts without having these contacts the same AD object
        - these contacts can be included into the GAL
        - so they can be into the offline address book
        - because they are into the GAL, they are accessible in 1 click into OWA

        Disavantadges :
        - when looking into outlook or OWA, the contact email address is seen as
        [email protected]
        - if someone copy the contact into its local contact folder, i think that the displayed emailaddress will be the [email protected]

        Resolutions :
        - for OWA i'll try to edit the website files for the GAL view to show the targetSMTPAddress instead the primarySMTPAddress

        Thx for reading