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Legacy certificate question

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  • Legacy certificate question


    So after reading the exchange 2010 deployment guide i understood my new exchange certificate should have the domain name to ensure users would not get a certificate error while migrating to new exchange setup.
    Deploymet guide:

    Now i dont quite get, how having on the new certificate will help at all. When i change my old exchange 2007 client access address for owa/activesync/outlook anywhere to, then it will obviously give me a certificate error, when the new exchange 2010 client access server redirects old users to that url.

    Seems i should have bought a new certificate for the old installation, with the name instead.
    So what have i misunderstood? Let me know if the above is unclear, i was a bit unsure on how to explain it propperly.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Legacy certificate question

    Ok nevermind, i need to go get the certificate installed on the old exchange server as well.