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Outlook 2k3 messages stuck Exchange 2k7

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  • Outlook 2k3 messages stuck Exchange 2k7

    I am in the process of upgrading a client from Exch 2k3 to Exch 2k7.
    All seems to function, with one exception:
    Any user who uses the 2k7 server - their outgoing emails stick in their outbox, and are never receved. There is no problem configuring the Outlook mail profile, the name is recognized and underlined when pointing to the new server. This includes either Outlook or OWA access. This includes a brand new, bogus user who has never had an account at this organization prior to testing. I have created new Outlook profiles, removed Cached folder settings, all to no avail.

    Users who are on the Exch 2k3 server have no problems with either OWA or Outlook. I had moved two users from 2k3 to 2k7 for testing, they failed with the above issue. When I moved their mailboxes back to the 2k3 server, they were able to function normally again.

    Can anyone give me some ideas? Maybe help point me in the correct direction.

    Exchange 2k7 is installed on a 2k8 box, and both Windows and Exchange have their most recent service packs installed.

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    Re: Outlook 2k3 messages stuck Exchange 2k7

    Check the Queues on the 2K3 box. I've seen this before where they jam up with replication traffic for all the system folders and public folders, so mail doesn't flow. Trying to remember how I resolved it last time, I'll have a dig around.
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      Re: Outlook 2k3 messages stuck Exchange 2k7

      I just checked the queues on both servers, no joy. There are actually no waiting messages in any queues at this point.

      I am open to most any other suggestions as I am about out of ideas and ready to call M$.


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        Re: Outlook 2k3 messages stuck Exchange 2k7

        I have finally resolved the issue, and I do not know why this fixed the problem, but it did:

        I created a new email db and moved one of the problem mailboxes to it. The issue did not duplicate itself. I was able to do all that i needed to do thru OWA and Outlook.

        I then moved the 2 other test mailboxes that were having problems to the new email db - presto - no issues anymore.

        Deleted problem email databse, all problems are now gone!!

        Something must have happened to the default email database when it was created.....