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Exchange 2007 Autodiscover config

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  • Exchange 2007 Autodiscover config


    I need some help with configuring autodiscover in a corporate environment with two domains. Basically, we have one Client access server with one current 3rd party certificate to on the DeafultWebsite. We want to go with the option for a SAN certificate but not quiet sure what or how many units I need to add to have webmail and autodiscover function correctly.
    The current environment has two domains, one internal example.local and one I know we need to add but not sure if I need to add or autodiscover.example.local or both for autodiscover to function without any errors. Will I need a host A record on the external dns for or autodiscover.example.local to point to the CAS servers public up address?
    We also have ISA 2006 sp1 in the environment.

    Any assistance or opinions will be helpful.


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    Re: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover config

    Exchange doesn't use autodiscover.example.local. The autodiscover address is made up from the user's email address.
    Therefore you need to have a mechanism for all domains that the server is hosting, where the email address is the primary.

    SO if you have users with and email addresses, then you will need to have and in the SSL certificate.
    Although having all of the domains in the certificate is only really practical to about 5 domains - after that it is better to look at the alternative methods such as SRV records.

    If all machines are going to be a member of the domain, then you don't need autodiscover to resolve internally, because it should get that information from the domain. In practise I usually do ensure that it resolves, using a split DNS System, where it resolves to the INTERNAL IP address, not the external. You would need to have the SSL certificate on both the CAS servers and the ISA Server.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover config

      Thank You for your help.