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Configuring Ex07 When Sending Email as an Additional Domain

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  • Configuring Ex07 When Sending Email as an Additional Domain

    I know how to configure Ex07 to accept and send emails for additional domains but what about this:

    Can I configure one Ex07 server to accept and send emails for different domains and have different outgoing names on the lookups?

    For example, the primary domain name is and the name of the mail server is Can I setup on the same server and have it send out from

    I need the lookups from the secondary domain to not reflect any information from the primary.

    I'll worry about the ip address later.

    Thanks for any input. The forum is a great help!!

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    Re: Configuring Ex07 for another domain

    When it comes to sending email - it is not possible to have email leaving via different routes natively. Exchange doesn't route email based on sender, only on recipient. Therefore the Send Connector you are using for email will be used for all email.

    Even if you could get the email to leave via a different Send Connector, you would then have the problem of how to get the email through your router with a different IP address so that the PTR record is different.

    I am going to adjust your question title slightly, so that it is clear what is being asked.

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