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Redirecting reminders to Headmasters PA

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  • Redirecting reminders to Headmasters PA

    Hi, we've just taken on a school as a new client.

    The headmaster has a Blackberry to view his calendar (and email etc), but his PA does all of the actual scheduling and has requested that reminders are redirected from his Outlook to hers (not the BB reminders - the outlook/exchange ones).

    The only way I've located of doing this is for the secretary to schedule all of his appointments onto both her calendar and his (the easiest way I know of doing that is to make sure she is an atendee on all appointments).

    edit: PA has full ownership access to Headmaster's account.

    Whilst this works the PA wasn't particularly happy about this, and as this is quite a prestigious contract for us (and there is potential for LOTS more work) I want to make things a bit smoother.

    Google has failed me so far, and a search here didn't help me out so...

    Can we automate either:
    1. All reminders from the Headmasters calendar to be redirected to the PA's outlook client
    2. All entries on the Headmasters calendar are automatically synchronised to the PA's calendar (or a secondary calendar on her mailbox).

    Like I say - we have a working solution, but this isn't ideal. Any help appreciated!

    System details:
    Server 2K8
    Exchange 2k7
    All clients involved are running Outlook 2K7 on MAPI
    Blackberry connected via BES 5.0

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    Re: Redirecting reminders to Headmasters PA

    There is nothing native that can do this that I am aware of.

    I know that one client simply purchased a cheap Windows Mobile PDA (so that is one without the phone). This is plugged in and uses ActiveSync over wireless. When something happens it makes a noise.

    Everything is tied to the primary profile, rather than a secondary profile, which rules out pretty much every third party application.

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      Re: Redirecting reminders to Headmasters PA

      Thanks for the response. I have to admit thats what I suspected I would hear. As irritating as this may be at least now I know that I have to work round it some other way.

      Thanks for hte reply - I'll post back if I ever find a solution!