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Public folders in CCR

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  • Public folders in CCR


    We have a public folder in CCR environment, after switch over i can not mount the public folder database, I was also reading that public folder does not work well with CCR.

    I want to remove the strorage group/database from my servers.

    What are the best way to remove public folder from CCR enabled mailbox servers.

    By the way, we have public folders in other exchange server to in same Active directory organization.


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    Re: Public folders in CCR

    Your problem is that you have other Exchange servers in the org.
    In that scenario having public folders on the CCR is not supported.
    Did you read the planning documents when setting up the CCR? It is quite clearly stated in those about the support for public folders and CCR.

    You will need to replicate the data off, then on each mailbox store point the clients at another public folder store. If the number of users is quite heavy then you may want to setup a dedicated public folder server for them (basically a server with the mailbox role, but only holding public folders).

    Once there is an alternative public folder store, the CCR servers can be removed from the list of replicas. Once that process is complete, the public folder store can be removed.

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