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Ex2007 ---> ex2010

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  • Ex2007 ---> ex2010

    I have been handed off this major clusterf**k in an attempt to fix it We are going to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2007, however in order to do this we have to upgrade everything. So it starts!!!

    The hardware required to complete this was order yesterday and should be here tomorrow or Monday, to which the nightmare shall begin!! We have the all the licenses in advance.

    My boss wants (requires) that the server name/IP address stay the same as what is already in use on the current exchange for OWA purpose. However I don't see how this can be done? Since both Exchange boxes will be running at the same time in order to move the mailboxes over. I know I can change the IP address after the whole migration process is complete, and restart the DNS service to update the records. However I'm stumped about the server name... He informed me that this is critical that i stays the same. To which he started listing the work of updating DNS records....

    I just don't see a way how I can keep the server name.

    OWA address

    Servername: Mail
    Windows 2003
    Exchange 2007
    IIS 6

    Servername ???
    Windows 2008
    Exchange 2010
    IIS 7

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    Re: Ex2007 ---> ex2010

    There is a execellent posting from the exchange team on how to upgrade the client access feature from E2007 to E2010, you might want to start at this link:

    This also covers the aspect on how to use the same name space for OWA.

    Regarding the same server name and IP address: Beside the fact that the same server name isn't possible, this request makes no sense.

    Could you clarify why your boss does have such a request? Why should it be critical, what's the goal he wants to achive with this?


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      Re: Ex2007 ---> ex2010

      you can work with dns and create alias for the new/original record...


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        Re: Ex2007 ---> ex2010

        You cannot retain the same name unless you do a full swing migration. That would mean migrating to another machine with a different name, removing the original, then rebuilding it with the new version and moving everything back again.

        There is no reason on pure Exchange servers for the same name to be retained. If you have users who are used to entering server1/owa for OWA, then just ensure that server1 is one of the names in the certificate and once the old server has been removed, that all reference in the domain point to the new IP address. You might have to create a NETBIOS alias as well. The physical name of the server could be anything you like.

        Updating DNS records is hardly a massive job, and if this is just for external traffic, then once the new server is live, just point everything at the new server. Sounds like someone doesn't quite understand what is involved here, or is stuck in the 1990s with regards to modern DNS and network management techniques.

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