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2007- Sharing mailbox with autoreply?

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  • 2007- Sharing mailbox with autoreply?

    It's hard to formulate a good title, what we need is:
    1: adress [email protected]
    2: [email protected] autoreplys with "thank you for your order"
    3: user1, user2, user3 can check the mailbox and then manually enter the information into another program

    Currently i'm using a mail-enabled public folder to do this since it's only one user who currently receives the emails. Public folder was so i could have a unique autoreply that wouldn't get affected by the users out-of-office-reply (and also wouldn't be an out-of-office-reply).

    Now they've told me that several users need access to the [email protected] adress, and i cannot really see what the best way of doing it would be. The incoming mails need to be read and handled, if i just forward them to a group then we cannot be sure anyone's read them, or if several people read and create orders from them.

    I've understood that public folders isn't the way to do things anymore, but what, besides Sharepoint, is the new way?

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    Re: 2007- Sharing mailbox with autoreply?

    This is a more complex request for something similar to a workflow. I don't think it could be done with just the things Exchange 2007 brings out-of-the-box, instead there is some progamming work needed.


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      Re: 2007- Sharing mailbox with autoreply?

      Public Folders are not going anywhere. They are in both Exchange 2007 and 2010, so if you have a solution for public folders, then that solution is good for some time to come yet.

      Furthermore I am not really sure where you have got the idea that a public folder is the only solution to out of the office.

      If the email address was a mailbox it would also be unaffected by other user's out of the office.
      You can give more than one user access to a public folder. However what Exchange cannot do (and no third party solution either) is work on your internal procedures. You need to decide how you are going to manage the incoming email messages between the multiple users.

      Perhaps it is simple has having a public folder or mailbox and then having sub folders where a user puts the message when they are working on it.

      Alas this is a procedural question, not a technical one.

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