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question about performance monitor?

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  • question about performance monitor?

    my exchange sys admin had recently left my company and i was being assigned to handle some of the admin task from my boss. one of the task that the previous admin guy did was to response any alert that send out from the exchange system. for example this is one alert msg that i receive yesterday and the alert related to the exchange store warning.

    2010/01/18 01:13:10
    MSExchangeIS Mailbox Messages Queued for Submission for xxxx_store_10 is 101 and has exceeded the Critical threshold of >= 90.00 Node Exchange_ Windows_Servers Exchange_Servers _Cluster_Nodes Exch2007_Mailbox_Servers X64_64bit Exch2007_Servers Exch2007_Cluster Windows_Windows Server 2003

    so i opened up the performance monitor and select exchange queued for submission as the object. there were list of counters i could select like sucessful submit and fail submit etc... i tried to add some counters in the graph but none of the value tally with the value that was shown in the alert msg
    (eg. 101)

    i tried to search the internet and some expert said i should choose the MSexchange is mailbox as object but again there were long list of counters from the list and i really wouldn't know which counter associate with the alert msg. i also tried to add some counters to see the values look like but again those numbers wasn't tally with the figures in the alert msg.

    can someone help to give me a right direction regarding my issue? also is there any good website or book that i can learn performance monitor for exchange?

    yr help is much appreciated.

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    Re: question about performance monitor?

    If alerts have been setup then all you need to do is find the list of alerts and that will show you the list of counters that are being used. That is of course presuming it is perfmon and not a third party tool or even MOM or whatever the new name is for it, from Microsoft.

    Although in my experience, the alert of delay to submit messages is a passing thing. It could mean that a user has sent a message to a large number of users which Exchange takes a minute to process. You could just look in the Queue Viewer in the toolbox to see if there are messages in the queues.

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