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outlook problem with new account

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  • outlook problem with new account

    when ever i set-up a existing user on a new machine, and open outlook it looks for the old mail server.

    (i.e. in the profile settings there is a profiles named "x" and this has the connection to the old server)

    can anybody where its getting the old server name from

    (migrated setup from 2003 - 2007, roaming profiles not enabled)

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    Re: outlook problem with new account

    You must be either using a custom installation of Outlook with the server name hard coded, or a login script or other tool is doing it. It is NOT possible to set the server name through Group Policy and Outlook doesn't do it itself.

    If the original machine has gone from the network, then put a netbios ALIAS in.

    If the original machine is still on the network and is either Windows 2000, 2003 or XP, then install the management tools on the system. That way Outlook will be directed to the correct server automatically.

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