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activesync 4.5 with exchange 2007

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  • activesync 4.5 with exchange 2007


    I have never setup a phone to sync to exchange before so I'm not sure how it works. We have recently moved to exchange 2007 and windows 2008 sbs. We were just using pop accounts before.

    We have a samsung sgh-i616 phone and we would like to sync contacts and calendar. The phone is connected using USB. I have been doing some searching and mostly what I have found is syncing through the internet. I think it might just use OWA but i'm not sure. When we were using pop accounts activesync 4.5 was working fine with outlook 2007.

    Now that we are on exchange 2007 I am trying to use activesync 4.5 to connect to exchange instead but I keep getting an error saying my server is not an exchange server or the software is not compatible. The error code I get is 85030022.

    When i configured activesync 4.5 I entered the server name, username, password an domain. I'm not sure if it's asking for just a server name or a web address, ie: servername/owa. In the setup it also asks if my server requires ssl.

    Does anyone know how to configure the activesync 4.5 software to sync with exchange 2007 or is the only way to do it using the web interface? We would prefer to be able to sync using just the software instead of through the internet though. Is the activesync software maybe only compatible with exchange 2003 or maybe even just outlook?

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    Re: activesync 4.5 with exchange 2007

    The ActiveSync software has nothing to do with the Sync to Exchange.
    If you disconnect the phone from the machine and then load ActiveSync on the device, you should either get a prompt to configure the device, or you will have to go in to the Server configuration and add a server.

    When configuring Exchange ActiveSync, you simply enter the server's external host name - so - no http or / anything. Then add in the username, password and domain.

    If you want to verify it works, use a test account and the Microsoft test site:

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      Re: activesync 4.5 with exchange 2007

      In addition to the above link try this tool. Its an ActiveSync tester that runs from a simple executable. Very straight forward to configure for inside or outside of your network.


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        Re: activesync 4.5 with exchange 2007

        ok thanks. I will look into both sites that you have mentioned to get this working.