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Change Address Book/List View in Outlook 2007

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  • Change Address Book/List View in Outlook 2007

    Hi all,

    In Outlook 2007, one can see in the GAL the address list called "All Rooms" for room resource mailboxes. Using this default view, you can see Capacity and custom resources (ie. Whiteboard, Phone, etc - provided you created these custom resource attributes)

    I've created additional address lists for our conference rooms that are filtered by country, state, etc. However, when you look at these new address lists in GAL, it doesn't use the same view as the "All Rooms" list but rather uses the default view for user mailboxes.

    Is there a way to somehow select what view can be used with an address list? I've searched high and low everywhere and so far have not had any luck. Is it even possible?

    Screenshots attached.

    Thanks in advance
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