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Advise on Exchange 2007 150 users

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  • Advise on Exchange 2007 150 users


    Sorry if this topic has already been covered, I couldn't find it with common search terms.

    My company is preparing to begin moving email to an exchange server running on windows server 2003 ent. ed. , from an old postfix server.

    We have around 150 users, and email traffic is pretty heavy.

    I was wondering if anyone with a similar environment could relate thier specs for exchange, ie. disk space used, and free space to grow into, etc.

    Thanks in advance for all input and advice.

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    Re: Advise on Exchange 2007 150 users

    There is no single answer for this.
    I have deployed many servers for that number of users and the specification has varied widely.

    I can only suggest that you start with the Exchange storage calculator.

    And then go from there.

    Certainly I wouldn't be looking at multiple servers on that kind of load. Good fast storage, multiple arrays will be all that you need.

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      Re: Advise on Exchange 2007 150 users

      Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the link.