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Upgrade from Exchange 2003 Client Access to 2010

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  • Upgrade from Exchange 2003 Client Access to 2010

    Dear Admin,

    I am currently working on an exchange transitioning project from exchange server 2003 to 2010

    The co-existence has been successfully completed, and tested the mail flow. Now I have to move the mailboxes from 2003 to 2010, but I canít move all the mailboxes at one short because the blackberry server has to be upgraded so, by the time I have to keep the OWA access for both 2003 and 2010 users. I do read the articles published in TechNet as well as in msexchange team for the co-existence between 2003 and 2010 in the client access perspective. But I am not at acll clear about the legacy exchange client access url creation. Please help me to solve my below scenario.

    Existing OWA 2003 url : - the certificated is local and not trusted, but the client is OK with the wildcard not trusted certificate, no plans to purchase a public trusted certificate, the owa is published through CISCO firewall.

    Now my exchange 2010 is live and I want to create a co-existence on the OWA url. While implementing exchange 2010 I have given the same Ďserver9.clinetname.comí as the external client access name. now I have to create the legacy url for the 2003 users and the existing url for the 2010 users and the end users should not feel any difference when they type the old url they should be able to re-point to the new exchange server 2010 and if the user mailbox is on 2003 it should be re-directed to the old OWA.

    Below the TechNet URL for the same but bit confusing for me. Kindly guide me what all points I have to do to achieve my above goal, I am awaiting reply. Bit urgent. Pls

    Thanks and best regards

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    Re: Upgrade from Exchange 2003 Client Access to 2010

    You posted an "urgent" question on Christmas day?

    First - you need to reconsider the use of SSL. A wildcard certificate is not suitable for Exchange 2010. Furthermore if you are accessing the server externally, a self signed certificate is a waste of time, as the users will get a certificate prompt.
    Self signed certificates are not supported for use with Outlook Anywhere or Exchange ActiveSync.

    You don't have to configure any URLs for legacy support. Simply point all users at and not
    Ensure that on the owa virtual directory that the URL is set to and not just

    If you find the Technet article that you have posted confusing then I suggest that you step away from the Exchange environment until you have some more experience or you engage an Exchange consultant to do the setup for you.

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      Re: Upgrade from Exchange 2003 Client Access to 2010

      Thanks for the reply,

      I solved my issue, initially it was confusing for me because of my scenario, I did the opposite explained in TechNet and itís working fine.

      First I created a new URl for exchange 2010 with the self-signed certificate, I published it with a new name and new public IP address.

      I pointed the OLD OWA using the OWA redirection cmdlet in exchange server 2010.

      Now, all the users have the new exchange 2010 URl, if their mailbox resides in 2003 it will automatically re-direct to my old OWA. Yes the certificate error is there, but the client is OK with that.