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Dynamic Distribution Exchange 2007 has issues

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  • Dynamic Distribution Exchange 2007 has issues

    I have created 2 dynamic distribution lists on our Exchange Server 2007. One of them is a very vanilla "All Users'. This is all Exchange enabled users. The other is users in a particular department. The Department list works. Meaning that all recipients will get the message delivered. This list is about 30 people. The All Users is 2068 people.
    I can select the All Users from the GAL or type it directly and get the same result. The result of sending the message with outlook 2007 or OWA is that first, there are no errors or warnings. The email generates NDR showing 4 users who have mailbox full. Nobody gets my message. If I cc myself, I do get that due to the cc. I have checked the queues in the EMC and I have checked the Event logs (Mailbox, Hub/Cas, Local Machine) for errors. Everything leads me to believe that the message was delivered, but it is not. So, the small dist list works. The big one does not. Is it a size thing ? Global transport settings have a 5000 recipient limit. Im not sure what to do next.
    Any ideas/help would be appreciated

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    Re: Dynamic Distribution Exchange 2007 has issues

    Just some more info on this. It appears that some folks started getting this message at around 5pm or so. The test email that was sent to the large distribution list was fired off at 3:20pm.

    Is it possible to see the activity of this kind of email ? Is there some kind of message queue or process that runs in the background delivering this type of email ? Our email servers are not being pushed at all. Mailbox cpu is only at about 40% and the HUB/CAS are only around 8%, both have lots of memory to spare.


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      Re: Dynamic Distribution Exchange 2007 has issues

      ok this turns out was my own oversight. When you create a Dynamic list, it will ask where you want the list to live and then what OU it should apply to. I didnt pay attention to the second prompt. I fixed this to be applied to the whole domain and now things are working as expected.