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Ex2007 and faxing options

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  • Ex2007 and faxing options

    We currently have Ex2000 and separate to that we have a 2 line fax server, running software from European Presence, now this handles faxes from our A/S400 system.

    We are in the process of gearing up for an upgrade to Ex2007. Now while that project is challenging enough, the powers that be, have decided they want to look at the faxing options available through Ex2007 with the prospect of replacing 120 faxes we have in stores.

    Now I know you can add a fax to a mailbox, but my understanding is I need a middle step to do faxing, but I can not seem to find a good answer to what is needed.

    So I was wondering what people can suggest


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    Re: Ex2007 and faxing options

    Exchange 2007 offers the option to recieve faxes if you install and configure the UM server role, your phone infrastructure have to support this as well.

    For sending faxes the answer is still the same, you have to have a 3rd party fax server solution.

    My advice would be to just go again with a complete 3rd party fax server solution since in E2010 even the incoming fax option is gone.