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550 Relaying Denied

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  • 550 Relaying Denied


    I know a similar tread exits, but i dont want to hi-jack it and it hasnt being updated for a couple of weeks, so i'll start my own.

    I'm having identical issues to the OP in the tread above and im not sure where im going wrong. I have created and new accepted domain, made the server authortative and created an Email Address Policy for the new domain. I also have the MX records changed and they are pointing to the correct server. When i send an external mail to the new domain and when i telnet on port 25, i get the 550 relaying denied error. Internally, all is OK and i can send out from an account using the new domain settings.

    The server has being restarted since the changes were made and when i type the "Get-AcceptedDomain" at the command power shell on the exchange server the new domain is listed.

    I should note, that we have a single exchange server setup, running Server 2003 and exchange 2007.

    Has anyone any thoughts on what could be wrong?

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    Re: 550 Relaying Denied

    Are there any recipients with email addresses for the new domain?


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      Re: 550 Relaying Denied

      Hi Joe,

      There was recipients configured. I have found out however that there is an AntiSpam firewall installed on another server on the network, which was acting as a smarthost. Once i added the new domain here, the emails came through fine.

      Thanks for the reply though.


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        Re: 550 Relaying Denied

        Glad you got it resolved.