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Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

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  • Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

    Hi everyone, sorry if this issue has been posted (and resolved) several times, but after hours of googling I am still stuck with it and it's really frustrating !

    I'm completely new to Exchange 2007 and taking over a project of someone else, i.e. it was not me who did the whole installation...

    The problem is, as you can imagine, when a user clicks on Out Of Office Assistant, he gets the famous:

    When now I try to ctrl-right click on the outlook icon and test email autoconfiguration, it tells me that it cannot discover any settings, and here is the output of the log tab:

    I really don't know if the guy who installed Exchange did it correctly, but the fact is that I don't have the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot this issue.

    Really hope you guys can help me sort it out...

    Feel free to ask for any other information...



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    Re: Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

    In several cases it was a proxy server set in Internet Explorer which prevented users from reaching the Exchange webservices.

    You might check in this, some people forget to exclude internal IP ranges from proxying and for some reason Outlook is still using proxy settings from the Internet Explorer.


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      Re: Out Of Office not working (Again & again)


      Thanks for your answer,

      No proxy server...


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        Re: Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

        Do you have a cname for in your DNS?
        Is that name included on the certificate for it?


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          Re: Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

          I have a A Record entry in my DNS for autodiscover.iorec.local as my domain is iorec.local, so no "", and I'm completely new to certificates, I don't know how to add it in the certificate ! I only know there IS a certif...


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            Re: Out Of Office not working (Again & again)

            The reason why OOF is not working because Autodiscover is failing and due to this even free/busy as well OAB will fail.

            So try below steps and post the output:-

            a) Try browsing SCP url i.e. https://iorecexc.iorec.local/autodis...todiscover.xml

            b) Whats the IIS version you have on CAS?

            c) What's the authentication method set on the Autodiscover virtual directory?

            d) also run GET-exchangecertifcate |fl on Exchange powershell and post the output.

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