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Recovery to new server and new GUID

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  • Recovery to new server and new GUID

    I'm trying to recover mailboxes to a new Exchange 2007 install on a new Windows Server R2 x64 install. The domain and exchange name match up, and i'm able to mount the old backup .edb as a recovery database but since the GUID doesn't match I can't seem to merge mailboxes. I am however able to restore to a folder. However, this isn't the desired effect since it would require users to manually go into this new folder and move everything back into place.

    Is there a way where I can merge two mailboxes (or just overwrite the new one with the old data since there is no data in the new mailboxes)?

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    Re: Recovery to new server and new GUID

    Hmm, you can try to not use the recovery storage group and mount the database as a normal one. After that you can move over the mailboxes with the -ConfigurationOnly switch, means you have to use powershell, something like:
    get-mailbox "OldMailboxStore" | move-mailbox "NewMailboxStore" -ConfigurationOnly

    If the mailbox resources are still right users will be able to connect to this new old mailboxes.

    If you want to read more just look up information regarding to activating SCR copies of databases since you would use the portability option of databases as well.


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      Re: Recovery to new server and new GUID

      I finally figured it out. I used the command:

      Get-MailboxStatistics | Connect-Mailbox -Database "Server01\SG1\MBX1"
      This article helped me out:

      This asked me step by step if I now wanted to associated mailbox Person1 to user Person1 and everything works. Obviously this was intended if you had deleted a user and mailbox you wanted to restore but worked great for me