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  • Exchange 2007 sp2


    I do not have Exchange 2007 SP1 installed. Is it ok to upgrade to SP2 immediately.

    I am a bit scared to upgrade on this live server without testing it but it runs on only 64 bit. Is it true that there is an Exchange Server 2007 32bit for testing? If something goes wrong can I uninstall SP2?

    What are the requirements for upgrading to SP2, any things I should know? I basically want SP2 as I want to use the export mailbxes into PSTS ( a bit like exmerge in the previous versions) for backup.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

    Hi Chris,

    I haven't had any trouble with SP2 and I've installed it on a number of machines. It is however always a good idea to test in a lab environement if you are ably to. Virtualisation is good for this if you have the hardware and tools available to turn the Exchange into a Virtual Machine and then use your favority virtualisation software to bring it up and test the SP.

    You cannot uninstall service packs. If you needed to go back to pre-SP2 for any reason you would need to rebuild the Exchange server to SP1 and then restore the databases. But you really shouldn't find yourself in this position.

    SP2 will also update the schema as part of the installation process, so be aware of this. It should not cause any problems.

    There is a 32bit version of Exchange, it is freely downloadable from here:

    Incidentally, you are looking to make use of the Export-Mailbox command for exporting to PST?

    You will need a 32 bit PC with Outlook 2003 SP2 or above installed to do this, you cannot run the command directly from a 64bit server I'm afraid.

    See my blog here: - It talks about Import-Mailbox, but the principles and prerequisites are the same.



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      Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

      Exchange 2007 service packs are basically the full product. You can install a server fresh from SP2 downloads. No major issues have been reported yet, I have every site I manage on SP2, and did so within a week of its release.

      Run the GUI, leave it to get on with it.

      The only thing you might have to install is Windows Installer 4.5, which will require a reboot after installation.

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        Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

        I have never had any issues with this service pack.

        Regarding the x32 version, it is a time limited version (180 days I think) which was brought out for use in training organisations.


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          Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

          Thank you Simon for alleviating my fears.

          This Exchange Server is a backup domain controller, so will changing the schema replicate to the other domain controller? No extra configuration in Active directory will be needed?

          Windows iNSTALLER 4.5 needs to be installed before or during the service pack's installation?



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            Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

            One more thing, how long does the installation take and can it be done when users are connected to Exchange? I don't mind re-booting afterwards. Will the service pack make Exchange slower?


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              Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

              I've done 3 SP2 installations and each took 2-3 hours
              Users will lose connectivity for some of that, so best to schedule for out of hours (or at least for slack time)

              Doesnt appear to have much effect on overall performance
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                Re: Exchange 2007 sp2

                It should be fine to run this from the Exchange server. The schema update will update the schema master first (just check the DC that holds the schema master role is in the same site as the computer you use to run the update) I assume your 'primary' DC holds the FSMO roles.