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Exchange on two networks, clients on one, sending mail on the other

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  • Exchange on two networks, clients on one, sending mail on the other

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reading my post.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make this happen, I've done allot of googleing, and searched here. I know this questions has to have brought up before...

    Basically, I moved my Exchange 2007 server to a hosting facility.

    There are two networks in my rack at the hosting facility:

    10.0.2.* is the primary network, which has a block of public IP addresses through the facility.

    192.168.0.* is the primary network at the office, and I have a block of public IPs for it too. I have a point-to-point T1 bridge (P-P), from the office to the facility.

    I left my Exchange server on the 192.168.0.* network for now so that all the workstations can still connect to it on the local network.

    Currently my MX record and DNS entries point to the public IP that's mapped to So mail comes in from the internet, goes through my P-P, to my Ex server, back down the P-P to the client, and vise-versa.

    So here's my real question: I would like my mail to go in and out to the internet on the gateway (hosting facility). But send and receive from the workstations on the 192.168.0.* network.

    I hope I explained that right. I've only been managing exchange for about a year, so I'm not 100% on it yet.

    How is this achieved?

    I will have two nics: with the gateway, and with no gateway.

    If I point my MX and DNS records to the to the public IP thats mapped to for Exchange. Will Exchange automatically still send mail to the workstations on the 192.168.0.* network?