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Multiple Domains one IP.

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  • Multiple Domains one IP.

    Hello all,

    I got a question and hoping someone can answer for me or give me a better understanding of it.

    What I am going to be trying is to setup an Exchange Server that will host 2 domains at the beginning but will possible host more in the future.

    What I having an issue with is if I have 1 static IP and I point the 2 Domains to the staic IP I understand the email flows that way. Since it is 2 domains to that one Static IP how or what do I set my Reverse DNS record to say? I know the exchange server will respond the same as the RDNS record to mail server know this is not spam. ETC AOL and craigslist and the mail server that use rdns lookups.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about and can explain it better.

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    Re: Multiple Domains one IP.

    The MX record for each domain should be setup to point to the public FQDN A record for the server ( The reverse DNS record should point to the ip address of the A record. So for the MX record points to For, the MX record points to The A record for points to x.x.x.x and the PTR record for x.x.x.x points to

    Your Exchange server should be configured to send email as

    We host email for at least 100 domains and this is how it's done.


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      Re: Multiple Domains one IP.

      Do you have problems with sending email to any addresses... Example aol or craigslist?

      kinda makes me wonder if email is being sent from but if the mail from is going out those names dont match.

      Does that even make since. lol


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        Re: Multiple Domains one IP.

        what you're saying does make sense to me:

        we have both and email domains - accepted and provided by the one exchange server, on the one static ip address.

        our mail server when it's sending outbound, appears as regardless of whether i send as or

        shouldn't matter, as long as it's a registered dns name, and isn't on black lists.

        In actual fact, I use my ISP's smarthost, so all our mail goes from exchange.ourcompany.local via to
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