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New accepted domain - 5.7.1. unable to relay

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  • New accepted domain - 5.7.1. unable to relay


    This is my first post so please take it easy on me. I have searched the Exchange 2007 forum and cannot see an answer to my question.

    Firstly, cards on the table. I'm not a messaging expert, just a jack of all trades IT guy.

    I'm running Exchange 2007 Standard Edition on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition x64. I have added a new authoritative accepted domain (org config -> hub transport -> accepted domains) using the management console. However, I'm getting a "5.7.1 Unable to relay" error when sending to addresses on this new domain by telneting directly to port 25 on the server.

    This is the 17th accepted domain I've added: the previous 16 were hassle free. I've no idea why this one is giving me problems.

    If it gives any clues, I've also created a simple transport rule to append a disclaimer to all messages which doesn't seem to be working either.

    Do I need to restart a service, or reboot the server maybe?


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    Re: New accepted domain - 5.7.1. unable to relay

    Have you tried restarting the Microsoft Transport Service?

    If you run Get-AcceptedDomain does it show the one you added?