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Cannot delete default mailboxdatabase ?

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  • Cannot delete default mailboxdatabase ?

    So I've got a test deployment of Exchange 2010.
    It's got a default created mailbox, "mailbox database 051559..."
    I tried to remove it, and it told me I couldn't, as it has accounts linked.

    So i used the -arbitration command, and worked out which mailboxes they were, and moved them to our newly created mailbox store.
    Excellent. all good.
    get-moverequest show that the moves are complete for both source and target, when relating to this mbdb.

    ok. excellent. I'll just dismount and remove the database.
    Dismount, great, fine.
    Remove ? no, you can't do that sorry. There are one or more move requests associated with this database"

    WTF ? I just confirmed there aren't any. Yet it persists in telling me this. Is it because it's the default ? Can I remove the default mailbox database ?

    Will i come back and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow and realise "oh, you're an idiot, it's this easy" ??
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    Re: Cannot delete default mailboxdatabase ?


    move-mailbox to the new mailbox database
    then I needed to get-moverequest | remove-moverequest
    so even though the move requests were completed, and showed as completed, I needed to remove them.

    Oh well - fresh eyes sorted it
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