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Outlook reflect new Exchange name

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  • Outlook reflect new Exchange name

    Hi all,

    Recently, there was a naming problem with our Exchange 2007 and we are in a mist of changing the name. Unfortunately, we have a mixture of Outlook 03 and 07 using that Exchange name. If we change the servername, will Outlook 07 and 03 auto correct itself , that is using the new Exchange server name?


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    Re: Outlook reflect new Exchange name

    Hmm, if I remember me right renaming Exchange server names isn't supported in any way, I don't even think Exchange will work after renaming the server name at all.


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      Re: Outlook reflect new Exchange name

      The above is correct. Renaming an Exchange server is not supported and will result in a dead Exchange server. The databases are attached to the name, as are a lot of other things.

      If you need to change the name of the server you will have to use a second server and do a swing migration. That will either have to be a half swing (where the email goes to the second server and stays there) or a full swing (where the email goes to the second server, the original server is removed correctly, then rebuild and the data moved back).

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