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moving a sourcedatabase to a targetdatabase using SCR with 2 differrent serve

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  • moving a sourcedatabase to a targetdatabase using SCR with 2 differrent serve

    I am testing Standalone SCR. Now I know this isn't good using exchange with AD in one server, but budget is tight. I am using two windows 2003 server with exchange 2007 and both are in a Active Directory enviroment. One of the server is the primary AD(active)and the other is the backup AD(passive).these server are not in a Cluster enviroment. both are running exchange 2007, but only one is in use. If the source server failed hardware-wise, the target server will kick in. I've implemented a heart beat program to run a script, when the server goes out and alert me using Smtp of another server in the domain.

    I have enabled the SCR replication between two server. After successfully starting the replication i just make my source server offline. After that i just ran these step....

    restore-storagegroupcopy mail01\GT1 -standbymachine mail02 -force
    eseutil /mh c:\GT1\GT1db.edb | findstr State
    cd \

    cd GT1

    eseutil /r e03
    eseutil /mh c:\GT1\GT1db.edb | findstr State
    cd \
    Move-StoragegroupPath mail02\RecoverSG -SystemFolderPath C:\GT1 -LogFolderPath C:\GT1 -ConfigurationOnly
    Move-Databasepath mail02\RecoverDB -EdbFilePath "c:\GT1\GT1db.edb" -ConfigurationOnly
    Set-MailboxDatabase mail02\recoverdb -AllowFileRestore:$true
    Mount-Database mail02\recoverdb
    Get-Mailbox –Database "Mail01\GT1" | where {$_.ObjectClass –NotMatch "(SystemAttendantMailbox | ExOleDbSystemMailbox)’} | Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly –TargetDatabase "Mail02\recoverdb"

    Now evrything work great till we get to the last command... which is this.....

    Get-Mailbox –Database "Mail01\GT1" | where {$_.ObjectClass –NotMatch "(SystemAttendantMailbox | ExOleDbSystemMailbox)’} | Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly –TargetDatabase "Mail02\recoverdb"

    The database come online but the last command finshed but just hang..... no error at all. where have I failed. I have read many forum and read many script from microsoft to petri site... I have followed everything to the T. Maybe I miss something... any help or infomation is greatly appreciated.

    Does the source server have to be up and running? I want to have the source down as a hardware failure.

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    Re: moving a sourcedatabase to a targetdatabase using SCR with 2 differrent serve

    Reading your powershell commands it looks like your database name is wrong, it should be "server\storage group\database", you used only "server\database".

    But this would mean that not only the last command should have failed, the move-databasepath, set-database and mount-database should have failed as well.

    You might want to test with Mail02\RecoverSG\RecoverDB.