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ssl certificate for owa....exch 2007 sp2

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  • ssl certificate for owa....exch 2007 sp2

    i am trying to install a ssl certificate on my exchange 2007 sp2 server from go daddy. Our out side address is this works..

    The problem is that when i enable the certificate for IIS services so the site would be secure. i start getting a prompt on my outlook with the red x in the third position

    The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site

    my internal name is what can i do to fix this error and make my certififcate work with outlook? what services should the certificate be tied to to allow ssl on owa?

    thanks to all who respond

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    Re: ssl certificate for owa....exch 2007 sp2

    The "common name" is the FQDN. It MUST match the certificate for it to be valid.

    So if your common name on your certificate is "", that means your external and internal users that are connecting to the same website in IIS, must connect to ""

    If your internal users can get to your OWA page by navigating to "" then they will get that error message you stated because your certificate certifies "" NOT "", hence your error message, regardles if they both lead to the same place.

    You need to either, create another IIS website "" with its own certificate for internal users, or tell the internal users to navigate to ""

    Hope this helps


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      Re: ssl certificate for owa....exch 2007 sp2

      What certificate did you purchase?
      Was it is a SAN/UC certificate or a regular single name certificate?

      For correct operation you really need a SAN/UC certificate. That would have both the external and internal name in it. It would also include the autodiscover URL that Exchange needs to work correctly with Outlook 2007.

      I have instructions on what you need to do here:

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