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  • ManagedFolderAssistant

    I am attempting to test a new managed folder mailbox policy that has been configured and associated with a single mailbox. When I try to run the assistant manuallly using the EMC I receive the following error: "The call to the Mailbox Assistants service on server xxxx failed. Error from RPC is 5." This error is generated regardless of whether I try to run the service on the mailbox, server or domain. I have verified that the service is running and set to logon as local system account. Any ideas as to why the assistant will not run?

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    Re: ManagedFolderAssistant

    Hi, did you ever find a solution to this one? I've just has the same issues start today.

    I've been using MRM for a long time now, without any trouble. Nothing obvious has changed, but now I'm getting the same error.

    Does not matter how I'm running it i.e. per mailbox or the full server.

    Thanks a lot

    EDIT - Ahhh..... the good old "right-click and run as administrator" fix - bloody hell - 2 hours wasted)
    Last edited by Searla; 26th November 2009, 17:18. Reason: Ahhh..... the good old "right-click and run as administrator" fix - bloody hell - 2 hours wasted:o)


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      Re: ManagedFolderAssistant

      Sorry, have not spent much time (low priority issue) trying to fix this since I posted.

      Does your Edit mean that you were able to get it to work by running the EMC with administrator credentials? Really? That seems bizarre; I just assumed EMC run with the credentials of the logged on user (which in my case, is an administrator).

      Please post again if/when you have a solution. Much appreciated!