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Remove services on a certificate

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  • Remove services on a certificate

    how do i remove services tied to a secure certificate on my exchange 2007 server?
    i enabled a certificate for imap and i did not need to do that, now i must remove the service. what is the command line to do that?

    i have tried
    Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services NONE -thumbprintxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    but that does not work.
    do i have to remove the certificate then reinstall it?


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    Re: Remove services on a certificate

    Try the enable-exchangecertificate -services with the services you want the certificate be responsible. That should do the trick.

    But anyway if you don't enable the IMAP service it shouldn't harm.


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      Re: Remove services on a certificate

      I would remove it in this case and re-enable it.

      Remove-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

      Enable-ExchangeCertificate -thumbprint "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -services IIS,SMTP



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        Re: Remove services on a certificate

        If you remove the certificate there is nothing left to enable, so if you do this you have to import the certificate again bevor enabling it for any service.


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          Re: Remove services on a certificate

          thank you
          for your help

          what i ended up doing was removing my certificate by deleting it manualy from the private store. import than enable a newer certificate and it accepted it.

          unfortunately, now i am having another issue.. see my post of ssl certificate for outlook and owa..

          now that my certificate is installed i get this prompt on my outlook client


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            Re: Remove services on a certificate

            With some services you can only have one certificate per service, so to remove the service you would enable it on another one. The service would then use the other certificate instead.

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