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Designing of Exchange 2007

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  • Designing of Exchange 2007

    Hi all,

    I am planing to install Exchange 2007 on my 4 high-end IBM server. There are 4 cpus and 16 giga rams on each of them. AND I have a EMC cx4-240 storage. Here is my plan:

    2 server for mailbox cluster. One server is for cas1,edge1 and hub1 on Hyper-V. One server is for cas2,edge2,hub2 on Hyper-V. And these will work load balance.

    And my question is:

    I have 10K clients. I am planing 50 store (may be less). Could i have to create just one volume on EMC storage ? Or there must be a lot of drive for storage group? like D,E,F ..... Which design are the best solution? One drive and all strores in this drive OR a lot of drive (LUN) and one store in one driver.


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    Re: Designing of Exchange 2007

    i would separate storage groups onto separate groups of spindles.

    for instance:
    StorageGroup01 ties to LUN01 which is a RAID5
    StorageGroup02 ties to LUN02 which is a RAID5
    etc etc
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      Re: Designing of Exchange 2007

      Big questions for a forum, the answers could be a 5 day work of a consultant.

      Regarding the LUN design I would you point to the calculator sheet from the MSExchange team blog:

      For the CAS, HT and Edge one question comes up reagrding the Edge server, normally a Edge server is located in a DMZ. If it makes sense to put them on a Hyper-V with the HT and CAS depends on your network topology and the reason why you want to use a edge server.