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Two Edge Servers

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  • Two Edge Servers

    Dear admin,

    I am planning to implement exchange server 2007 for an enterprise customer,
    • Mailbox server role in CCR cluster (2)
    • CAS/HUB Server in NLB (2)
    • Two Edge Transport Server roles (2)
    • ISA 2006 array for the publishing (2)

    My doubts

    1. I read somewhere that I can install HUB role also inside the CAS NLB only thing is I have to exclude the SMTP port in the NLB configuration. Kindly correct me if am wrong.
    2. How I can achieve redundancy by using two edge transport servers? What are the possibilities? I believe that one hub server cannot be synchronized with two edge servers at a time. but in my scenario I have two hub servers but running inside CAS NLB. Kindly guide me the possibility to achieve the same.

    Awaiting your valuable reply,