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Exchange 2010 test in live business environment

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  • Exchange 2010 test in live business environment


    I want to test Exchange 2010 in my live business environment. These are Windows server 2003 domain controllers and Exchange 2003 servers.
    I don't want to test incoming and outgoing mails so that's no problem I guess.
    One of my major questions is if changing the schema will give problems to my existing environment.

    I got to be sure that this isn't a problem.



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    Re: Exchange 2010 test in live business environment

    You want to test in a live business environment?
    That is a bad idea. You shouldn't be testing in production. You will also be using release candidate software as the released code isn't in public yet.

    The schema changes are fine, they will not impact.
    However if your Exchange 2003 system isn't setup correctly with SMTP connectors then all email will go out through Exchange 2010. Then there are routing group connectors, changes you may have to make to the production system to get Exchange 2010 to work correctly.

    Haven't even touched the learning curve - if you haven't used Exchange 2007 before it is very different.

    Finally, when it comes to removing it - which you will need to do to deploy the RTM software, you will need to do that correctly using add/remove programs.

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